Who Cares?

by Yellow Belly

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Carmichael Daniel
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Carmichael Daniel I've loved these guys since the beginning and I'm completely blown away by how much they've grown in sound and structure. A solid second release! Favorite track: First Step.
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"There was hope for Job like a cut down tree.
I hope that there's such hope for me."
- Mewithoutyou


released December 23, 2014

Charles Angel spent a lot of time on this album for us and I think it shows.

We played most of these songs with George a lot in 2013. We don't break out the ukulele anymore these days but maybe one day we'll get to play Ugly once more.



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Yellow Belly Carbondale, Illinois

i don't want to bring you down, but i want to make you think.

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Track Name: First Step
I hold my best friend inside of my lungs
But I’ve gotta get over that. I’ve gotta grow up.
I know all too well about life’s stale taste.
The truth will always be bitter
From the playground to the grave.
And though it’s not gonna kill me No it’s not gonna help
We never are what we could be But at least we get to yell
At the top of our lungs From the bottom of our hearts.
If I’m gonna fight you this is how it’s gonna start.
All your words come in the same old rhythms
The only change is in the middle
Where the words become a meaning
For beginning all the words that spill
From orfices tightly controlled by everything we love and hold
God help me cause the rhythm’s getting old.

But when people walk together, people walk together.
People, walk together. People, walk together.
Walk together, walk together.
Legs all syncopated to each other’s right or left ones
On the pavement stomping. Never stopping.
Come on everybody.

The sky is not a backdrop and the world is not your stage.
We all live under the same sun. I can’t see you but you’re there
Waging war on the poor with our white collar crime ignored.
Oh god forbid somebody say that we’re all equal at the core.
Track Name: Who Cares?
I've been cancelling the plans I made with you in my mind
it's been silent on my end for weeks at a time
i don't have the pleasure of being there all of the time
so why the hell should I even care if I'm on your mind
I've been keeping you on the back burner my torch held up high
all i want to do is crawl inside of your mind
and i'd wait my whole life if it meant that one day I'd be yours
but a little more than five minutes is all that I'm worth
and it's all I deserve
i don't blame you for wanting something other than words
so for whatever they're worth here's a few more less burdening me
let me know when you've heard enough.
let me know when you've heard enough please.
Track Name: Roots
All our roots are shallow because we will never call this home
we wait our whole lives for the wind to take us someplace we can grow.

I see the face of friends in the faces of strangers
slight resemblances to past acquaintances
they pass by without second glances
my old friends would do the same
i've seen everyone that I've ever known
slip right through my fucking fingers
i could promise somebody the world
but all i'm doing is clipping their wings.
Track Name: Sickness
if they wanna tear down my door
then they're gonna have to say to my face
"we know that we are not here for your sake
we're all just playing the game at your expense.
we watch it all from our position on the front lines
where common sense is overruled
by our procedures and presidents
and where every decision made is frivilous.
For money wealth and business..."
you've paid the price
now take the fucking product of your sins.

Yeah I'm a product of your systm and
my soul is soiled and my heart's impure.
my mind is a disease and there is no cure.
we are all just captive animals. we're forced to live mechanically
like all the tools we've learned to use with hands that we've so long abused
the priviledge of having. all we're good for's wrecking havoc.
we embrace our ignorance so we don't have to know the pain that we inflict
without a thought. just a flick of the wrist.
if we're created by a god, then your god must be an idiot.

they ignore the words that come from our lips
when they're coupled with violence.
we're kept docile and imprisoned with no chance of a release.
we don't get a damn thing when we're begging them please.
they measure out the cost but they don't think of our pain
so we lash out through impulses we try so hard to contain.
we thrash out and we seal our fates when all we have is our frustration.
we act out and damn ourselves when all we have to give is hatred.

stand in line and give no lip cause your freedom is just a priviledge
that you have been given just as lot as you embrace the system.
hide your eyes, keep yourself hidden. you're disgusting. you're afflicted.
stay hopelessly disconnected. pray away every erection.

there is no escape so there's no point in even trying.
i can tell you the apocalypse is gonna be D.I.Y.
and i can tell you truly, i've always been looking forward
to the end of our existance since the day that i was born.
we've been praying for the end of days since our first breath.
all we need's a little time to end the fucking world ourselves.

my soul is soiled and my heart's impure.
my mind is a disease and there is no cure.
we're unwelcome in our cities and inside of our skins
the only thing we have to call our own are gimmicks and our sins.
though our prison isn't brick and mortar we're still separated further
now more than we ever thought we could be distanced from each other.
building walls between our friends and screaming through the bricks we've lain
existing so solitary we've started to go insane.
Track Name: Repeat
it's hard to picture my own death
and yeah it's hard to be definite it's hard to be very fun
when all that you can think about is how you're not ready
not prepared for the very end
how much meaning can be packed in a thing
we've all been feeling since the very beginning?
calm down, it's just living that's so very overwhelming.
can we just get something more than a cold shoulder to cry on?
something deeper than an agenda to rely on?
talking like adults is getting harder cause it hurts i know
to tell your old man that his methods didn't work
but if you aren't learning from mistakes then it's cause you don't care.
go ahead and fall back on your failures
but take my word, your life is gonna be lacking
if all you want from it are bad habits and distractions.
every single day is full of chances to show
your children, your friends, hell, the whole damn world
something loving and kind.
you won't always have the promise of a little more time
cause you won't always be able to negotiate specifics of your fate
try as you might you can't control the situation
but there's lots that you can learn along the way
and when you close your eyes you aughta know right then
if it was love or just lies that you were living in.

if this is as good as it gets i'm sorry
but i'll always be trying to improve.
that much i'll always promise.